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Life long artist and musician, currently full-time farm manager, part-time photographer. I have been fortunate to work in broadcast Computer Graphics and higher education as a community college professor and an IT manager for Princeton University. Having officially retired from that world, I am now growing vegetables for local restaurants and markets.

The other big pieces of my life are my daughter (who is following in my IT and photographic footsteps), a life-long love and nurturing of dogs and cats, and gardening and farming. In 1986 I bought a small farm in NW New Jersey that dates back to 1752. Over the years it has functioned as a small organic farm and an anchor (in a good way, mostly) that continues to feed my interests in farming, local history, and our ongoing and delicate dance with nature. I'm a darn good cook, too…

My photography spans distinctly different ends of the spectrum. I am obsessed with documenting life in our little piece of NJ, Warren County, and surrounds. There is an agricultural presence there that was once strong, has been in decline, and is finding new life in the "locavore" movement.

Concert photography is my other love, having started as a teenager with film MANY years ago. There was a long hiatus in between but I got interested again back in the 00s having a DSLR and access to a lot of good musicians. 30 years ago, my tricks included pushing film to way beyond its ISO rating. Digital offers so much more in so many ways that it's been great rediscovering this genre (though concerts have taken a back seat lately to running the farm). I think I gravitate naturally to these themes because they are what I know best.

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